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Stale Popcorn’s Saturday Night 3 Way

Posted by saturdaynight3way on 15th February 2009

For those unfamiliar with the concept of what our little three-tier geekism is all about [and we don't really cover it in the podcast, jumping straight into things as we do minus any explanation]… essentially once a month me and my good friends Chris (”Jimm” has left due to “creative differences”… he’s creative, and we’re different!) and Fox are going to get together, put on a triple bill of movies (both old and sometimes new), sometimes very loosely themed, get drunk, heckle each other, enjoy what the film’s have to offer us and then just chat on about the films in question… sharing the experience with you. We throw in some original trailer links etc. to get you in the general vibe of what we’re indulging in too!

Only, this time round, there’s no copious amount of text to work through - we’re doing it as Stale Popcorn’s first ever PODCAST! So you can LISTEN to our babble in all its heavily-accented glory!

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